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carefully avoided. These conditions, he thinks, are fulfilled by the method of
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wick writes that it is his " belief that many of the fatal results observed
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Dr. Crosby's claim. He supposed that the invention was his own, and it was not till I in-
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found, in studying the blood-vessels of the rabbit's ear, that in the
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(7) In no case would I agree to the reinstitution of the penal clause
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(9.) As regards prognosis, it was mentioned in a former report that
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A careful study of the urinary sediment will often enable one to judge
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that specialty waxed small indeed before Dr. Presto. His process was simple :
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degeneration w%as limited to the intermuscular substance, occurring in
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detect some slight fault of position when the eyes are passive, this fault
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there can be no doubt but that, through the great generosity of open-hearted
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to me to be inconclusive. There can be no doubt that iritis is a common
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less degree, for example, generally during the recovery from hemiplegia ;
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the act of hearing, being more probably associated with the reflex move-
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(c) Secretory/ glands. — A clinical condition, comparatively speaking
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for the week following. Two weeks later the uterus again appeared
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September 2d, the wounds having nearly healed. At the time of leaving the
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after tlie benefit which we hope to confer upon the patient, is rendered
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If, despite the employment of these precautions, toxic symptoms
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of the larynx. In regard to diagnosis, Friinkel thinks the appearance
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Dr. F. Montizambert, medical superintendent of the St. Lawrence
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the skull either from injury or from the pressure of new growths, or b}''
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they indicate certain properties which may be of use in the relief of some
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ness, and through the purification of instruments by means of the effi-
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tween attacks of vomiting he felt well, and ate all bland and easily
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ing as to recognise the features, she cannot see whether or not a hand is
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merely notices the completion of a very interesting process, which, as
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their work. Several of them, I learned, were sunstruck, and one subse-
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Fourth, the derangements to which the urine is subject in both dis-
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anatomy and physiology. To be just, we give the plan in Professor Hitch-
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it hurt him so much ; but in a few moments, placing the hand beneath it,
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ferments, we should expect it to exert a favorable influence in diminish-

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