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cise on most days is quite possible and enjoyable. Both these places, and

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desirous of a fuller knowledge on special points the following are given : — •

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sical signs of aneurysm, and by the peculiar boring character of the pain.

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—9. Leech. Brit. Med. Joiirn. 1895, ii. 1299.— 10. Lupi. II Morgagni, 1898, xl.

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death ; whereas in reality the changes to which so much importance has

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querel gives cases wdiere colic has been caused by absorption from the

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be thrown out to such an extent as to produce compression. As recovery

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rapidly. For some time the joint remained open, and the patient, by

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tion of the deaths during anaesthesia which have lately been taking place with

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We publish in this issue a communication from the London Society on

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Hemiae, inguinal, treated for radical cure by Heaton's

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which comparison of the part dissected is made with the same region as

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important factors in the whole method, not only cleanses and produces

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vulsion started. All these statements have been illustrated in the history

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the echinococcus, which occurs as a solitary cyst ; the other variety, the

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We must decline to accept the inferences drawn from such an unfair com-

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THERE has been a good deal of discussion recently on the rights and

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is a brownish-yellow powder, with difficulty soluble in cold, but readily in

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also an ulceration upon the left cheek, which Dr. Heitzmann regarded at first

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of a snrgeon is salvation, in those of a quack destruction and death. Bos-

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the author maintains, on account of the large amount of the dangerous car-

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telligent mental force linked in harmonious association and essential rela-

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many of these nuclei are stations in long commissural fibre systems

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I took grafts from the leg of a young girl and applied them to the back of

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first case ever published in this country, reported in full in the January num-

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in iitero until the cervix began to contract. External manipulation

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not to mistake for it the fulness of vessels so commonly seen at necropsies,

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