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of the bulb represents the limits of disturbance of refraction ; that is, that
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appears to be the operation of this remedy, and in these cases this should
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eight hours or more of mental and physical agony which precede the inevitable
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O.iV to :Z") than tliat used by Ostroumoff, which perhaps accounted for
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The specimen to be drawn having been first focused, the eye will have a pict-
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narrowed very suddenly and severely. It is true no serious degree of
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Commissioners the police are instructed to send accident cases to the nearest
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In petit mal a slight pallor is the only outward sign corresponding to moment-
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it is rare to find an extra-dural tumour making its way into the neural
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still the scourge of childhood, the dread of parents, and the reproach of
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tages of the place to gain a reputation and a lucrative practice, and to
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and the patient suffered no more than is usual after an ordinary delivery.
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250 J^atholuyy and Treatment of Nervous Diseases. [August 30,
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arm are perfectly quiet during inaction, but when the most simple vol-
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the convulsions returned and continued during the day. At the time of the
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stage is consequent on irritation of the posterior roots by some organic
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just changed his shirt and got back to bed, when suddenly he became very
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the exception of chloride of sodium, in nearly the same proportions. As com-
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sible how he could make the accounts so entangled. At length it was discov-
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with bronchial respiration and subcrepitant rales above the third rib. The
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results from it in tinnitus, but calls attenti(m to some unpleasant symp-
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from the " rural districts " and the " woolly west." The " self-appointed "
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weight and litpaids by measurement are mixed. (2.) In dispensing,
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previous to admission, he was seized with severe abdominal pain, after
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and asked Dr. Edes to look at. He reported that the mass was one of dead
Femoral Aneurism. — Dr. A. B. Crosby related a case of femoral aneurism
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apeutical powers. He would rank it as of about the same value as arsenic in

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