Tiro Segno

for whose fidelity and judicious care of the asylum from its foundation
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of cork sole to make up for the shortening, and raised higher at the inside,
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This was an inspiration, but when the nurse, who appeared to be
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tion it was hardly more than three millimetres wide in the middle of
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not so difficult, but a hernia is almost inevitable. The so-called Mikulicz
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them dealt with as simple abscesses ; that is to say, by simple incision, and
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tion was substitutrd for it, and in spite of its nauseous taste was well
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pain beginning with the flow, and continuing two days. At the time of her
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and best of all a sensible nurse who is not " half a doctor herself," and
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convulsions. Quo sixth of a grain of nitrite of pilocarpine was injected sub-
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The subject divides itself under the following headings : —
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belonsinir to some recosfnized medical or<xanization." We would remind our
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on merit, but religious, and perhaps social, qualilications have considerable
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ers has been, more than once, seriously annoyed to find that all the
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])lacod well under the influence of ether, I made a free incision to the
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feeling. Neither malevolence nor jealousy had any place in his mental or-
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believe it is a duty every physician owes to himself. An active practi-
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shoe is much worn. He has some plantar formication and coldness of
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treated and cured by a method original in its plan, which consists of a shot-
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the section is situated in a higher plane than on the other side ; the de-
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quantities of fluid. Not having seen Larroque's article, we cannot say
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than twenty minutes after its ingestion ; hence he infers that its salt is
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so far as it could be seen, and the surface of the globe were covered with

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