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A point of importance to Avhich Siemerling has directed attention, is

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ing of the Bathurst and Rideau Medical Association was opened in the City

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the thumb and forefinger, the head falling over backwards ; the upper

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which may cure without resort to severer measures. It may do so, but

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or a spondylitis, remarking that mild forms of spondylitis are not so un-

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probal)le that some of these fibres have a direct connection with the

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the members. He had applied at a dispensary three years previously on

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plaster were started well up the thigh and fastened securely to within

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sarcoma scattered nodules are present, such a multiple sarcomatosis

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cium and the iodide of lime, I put the drug aside, thinking I had the article

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had been treated for several weeks by the recumbent posture for separation of

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three weeks aud had been treated for " brain fever." When seen, complained

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child remained eight days without wetting the bed, and then recommenced

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between the two hostile camps, and many of the ablest American physi-

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were received last year), they may be too late for many who have started or

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noisy and labored, and it was necessary to call to my assistance the steam

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with good results. Its diuretic action is partly explained by the fact

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return, sometimes excessively so : first by the swollen state of the iris

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If these rules are conscientiously observed, there is not a shadow of

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lony ; and an address by the president. Dr. Gaines.

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tion, while the second presented with the left shoulder and was delivered by

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condition is entirely dependent upon the success which may attend nature's

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ical studies, Mr. W. W. Corcoran having hy his generosity enabled this col-

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primary changes and cause a catarrhal inflammation with intense swelling,

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keeping it bandaged in the desired position nightly it will soon retain it in

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called in haste. The patient was in terrible distress all over, rolling

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and that in turn with the choroid, an inflammation of the iris, even at

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sis, and great constitutional disturbance. Excision of the head of the

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On the Diagnosis of Urethral Stricture by Bulbous Bougies, with Illustrative Cases. By

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iron at last continued alone or with the addition of quinine. Another

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responding to a change of direction in the spinal column, from a position

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answer questions. In the act of answering one she died.

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