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outwards from the first. She was ajxain discharo-cd with jxood union.
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accordingly catheterized and etherized. On making the preliminary examina-
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The old custom of helping each other in sickness and in distress is
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ulcer may enlarge and perforation occur. Thus the author argues that
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beiiii]^ liardonod for microscopic examination. Tlic patient, a man, was sick a
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ers has been, more than once, seriously annoyed to find that all the
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and fatiii;ue, the curative effect of a judicious mode of life in a climate where
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suppository of iodide of lead and belladonna used night and morning. Severe
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to explain the fact that stimulation of these nerves may be followed
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Benedikt, who treats his subject with a remarkably free hand, uses
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in front of the trachea, opposite the lower border of the sixth cervical body.
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one quotation from the latter paper which may amuse the students of
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with the other specific diseases, of occurring but once (generally) in a
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Antiseptics in Midwifery. By Robert Boxall, M.D., M.R.C.P., Assistant

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