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the development of epithelial matter being accompanied by enlargement of the
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thrown into violent convulsions. Antagonistic groups of muscles contracting
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rise to the lactational type of insanity. These blood poisons engender the
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of the country which had for so many centuries been self-isolated from
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herently, and tossing about. Pulse was 80 ; skin cool ; bleeding from the left
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cessor. In August, 1893, his condition appeared to be almost hopeless, the
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Annual Report of the Surgeon-General of the United States Army. 1877.
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extremities or any premonitions of a chill. Pulse full and regular ; no
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have not stood the test of time are clearly set forth.
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exercised by some growth or morbid formation without. In the affec-
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changes, without any concomitant affection of the spinal meninges.
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lie was too weak for thorough examination. Pulse was weak, and scarcely
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lono-er. The action of the joint is perfect, the patient suffering no in
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Strauss, of St. Louis, in Mathews' Medical Quarterly, says: The
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for the year 18TG, and find in tables covering various periods 36,983
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urgent danger from menorrhagia." Dr. J. Whitehead ^ states that " it
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yet rejoice in the tidings my text brings* << Christ
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the region of the convoluted tubes. With the microscope an excessive fatty
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Perhaps it is needless to add that true religion does not in itself tend
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drunkenness during the same year to enter an ale-house, even if he is hungry.
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icated with opium becomes boisterous, ])ugnacious, and convulsed.
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(3.) Uterometer. Many appliances have been attached to the uterine sound
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(4) Every woman over thirty-five, with a cervical tear, should be
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1 Transactions of the Pathological Society of Philadelphia. Volume Sixth. Edited by
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The mesentric glands were enlarged and congested ; *some of them showed
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the soul and close his eyes with thdt blessed sen--
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danger to life is much less than amputation through the thigh ; and the
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It is not worth while to enumerate all the details of a favorable conva-
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into the fillet layers. It seems probable that some fibres may also pass

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