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gretted that every condition, natural or artificial, which might be supposed to

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uals and Families. 13. Report on a Practicable Mi tlioil lorsecuiing Complete and Autheniic

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tion of the curve of flatness, especially in cases of hydro-thorax, when the neg-

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which, in some cases, were shared by members of the profession. In the few

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a feature of croup, no demonstration of this alleged fact has ever been

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doses of hyposulphite of soda, and touched the patches of false mem-

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ment of strangulated hernia, says : " Taxis is \ery much more assisted by

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Over-exertion and carelessness were frequent causes of attacks oc-

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for the last two years. He stated to me several months since that he never felt

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oastf them into their proper clianQelV.t throws off'

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been lubricated by oil or the natural secretions of the vagina. A piece of silk

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were tried in vain. At length it occurred to the family physician that

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Ivory Jelly ^ contains phosphates prepared from ivory dust. This is

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as the secondary. Thus by the former I have had two failures so far,

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three cases of labyrinthine disease two were benefited. From one to

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itis. This form of neuritis I have seen much more frequently associated

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tibres was well shown in the specimen, which was forwarded to the surpervising

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large doses. We have yet to learn many things concerning this very com-

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same in both sexes ; after that, the specific gravity in the female falls,

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Politzer, of Vienna, states that treatment in cases of mastoiditis following

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tion," aftbrd dangerous possibility of the passage of air to the heart

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poorer classes still employ and j)ay a doctor. Ignorance of the priv-

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other part devolving on the nurses; and I have it upon the authority of a lady

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pharmacy, actions, and uses of medicines, including those recognized in the

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from the entire abdomen. During three or four weeks before labor, dating

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'J'he theory that th(j s[)inal nerves (tontain two :inatomi(!ally distin(;t

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ing the hospital there was much ascites and anasarca, with dj^spnoea, particu-

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traction of the field, such as, in the great majoritv of cases, must be

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the lower third of the: a ease of 'I' fraeture, (il^ ;

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of silk being first introduced. On the evaporation of the chloroform

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his. Professor Wormley's published works have won for him a high degree of

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January, 1892, by the lateral operation. Finding that his bladder condi-

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am 1 ? " " You are Dr. Warren, too." *' They are all Warrens, are n't

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thetic ; and although I cannot say that I have seen any fatal results arising

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of the disease. In doses of fifteen grains, salicylic acid acts as a violent

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must be made. In the first place with regard to non-transmissibility as

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come the characteristic stenosis of the vulva, and one case refused treat-

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372 Massachusetts General JJospital. [September 27,

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day urine was passed naturally, and the patient seemed perfectly recov-

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at that time all French surgery was fatal, and even murderous, because it

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