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Some think that he should have reserved his strength by doing less work,
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ingredients between rollers at a certain degree of heat. The cloth was
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On admission, January 19th, 1893, he complained of great pain
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ano-le of the laceration : strano-ulated condition of the cervix due to the
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New York has, to its honor be it said, adopted the graded system in all its
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President Crosby, the patient being a boy ten years of age.
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treated antiseptically, their rapid progress towards cure is very gratify-
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of filth from insufRcieut drainage. If any one is surprised at the condition of
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abdominal distress was immediately relieved, and in one month the patient
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by the free use of opium and morjjjiine, a good old-fashioned dose of
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the penetration of organisms from without. In other words, he main-
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health fairly re-established, until about two or three years ago he again
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prevent the ingestion of more lead. Then we should at once send
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Turner and Bulloch. Brain, 1894.-2. Spencer. Lanrct, 1895.-3. Semon, j5mm.
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These are thrown into a white plate, and the patient, looking at the
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are numerous. First, there are pyramidal fibres connecting this nucleus
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phagia. None of the other organs had suffered compression. There was no
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examination. On the completion of their full term of service they receive a
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I saw her at six o'clock she had hot vaginal douches every thirty minutes.
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when a severe pulsation in his left chest and paroxysms of pain compelled
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ceived there will always be plenty to deceive it, and nowhere has this game been
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and a mesial section of the tongue, palate, and jaws.
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de Chauliac and Pare, and so on to Wiseman and the rest, you will find how
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trate an even more important truth, namely, that in using figures the
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Without doubt, in the majority of such cases the failure is due to igno-
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warden of his county for a time, and also represented it in the Ontario Legisla-
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hospitals being assumed by the " dressers," who value their opportunities for
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pil ; and that subsequent nausea is avoided, enabling the patient to take

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