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was detected. When this observation is considered in connection with
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condensed as is practicable without impairing its value.
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realize that they are kept by the necessities of the case rather than by bolts
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quantity than usual of fa^tid pus escaped from the vagina, accompanied
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inquiry. *' Do you know who it is? " I asked. " Dr. Warren." " Who
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There has been no return of effusion, and the patient is in the enjoy-
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and forward movements to the minute, thus stimulating the respiratory reflex.
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but I tlinik we should never undertake such a case unless we can ar-
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In reviewing my experience in practice, I can recall cases which I
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unsatisfactory. Sixpenny and twelve-penny work seems rather undignified
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The twin sister of the child had varicella eruption a day" earlier than
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may cause an attack independently of all imprudence in diet. Tims a
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placing the sleeping rooms, day rooms, and galleries contiguous to each
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to perform. The theory that the relief due to the administration of nitrites
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ceased entirely in four or five days. She made a complete recovery in the
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tient until convalescence is well established. With all these, and still
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Anaesthesia, Local, by Hypodermic Refrigeration 678
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and the practice of censors, as it appeared, not to recognize any diploma not
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cavity, and thicker pus between the diaphragm and liver. Spleen considerably
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The grounds for this su[)position relate to the morbid anatomy, x-tiology,
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2 It is possible, however, as shown by Dondcrs (PflUgcr's Archiv, i. 331), to produce an
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empire as Ritter des ordens der eisemen Krone, Classe III.
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intjj seven days, and at the end of that time noticed that " lier womb
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quency, intermitting, arhythm, etc. Whatever be the state of the myocar-
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in her physician. He saw her again on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednes-

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