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Removed the tube and put a rubber compress under the collar. Wound

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been swallowed and passed through the stomach unchanged, it is split up

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August 6th. Tympanites still present. Omit poultice. Give injection.

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in the form of paraesthesia, slight paralysis, weakness of the sphincters,

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chloral suppositories and valerianate of zincs, 459.

how much does viarex cost

July lyth. Very slight tenderness only in the riĀ«(ht iliac region. No swell-

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gular vein, and surrounding it the auditory sac. If this cavity were

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receives its nerve -supply from the facial nerve, and is pai'alysed in some

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and cord. Such circumscribed gummata are in the meninges alone, or

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daily for a few days, and the uterine cavity repacked with iodoform gauze.

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Dii. GoODWiLLiK, of Vernon, Vt., was invited to repeat liis address of a

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Amputation of arm for railroad injury ; torsion ; re-

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Next, the lower epiphyseal cartilage of the fibula was removed, ir>

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Salol may be administered in large doses for some days. It is indi-

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this hyperemia in this cold northern climate is the undue abstraction of

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ress, and the forceps were put on. After an hour's hard work by both at-

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was about." Could concussion from a blow have thus resulted, and no

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of the dis'-, with or A\*ithout consecutive inflammation of the connective

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capsule, there may be anesthesia, and even hemianopia. The part of the

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years later, broke into the rectum exactly opposite the first, so that an injection

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Drs. Day and Rattan, will be in this division. Strong efforts are being made

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and the Student. By Richard J. Dunolison, M. D. Philadelphia: Lindsay and Biakia-

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action of the pupils to diffuse daylight would be retained ; and reflex

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pain is referred to the legs, in which signs of loss of motor power come

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employed with suicidal intent, and to the evanescent action. After refer-

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practice and pocket consider it as an unmitigated wrong. Those who have

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said were very severe, not confined to any particular part of the bowels,

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be decided ; but it has been shown, when describing the nuclei of origin

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