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appearances is so clear and explicit that nothing remains for me to say
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pathetic alone were irritated, and this is the case whether the two nerves
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not allowed to grow lat from want of exercise ; besides its lei^itimate work it
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day the temperature was 103°, and the discliarge gradually ceased, and for a
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— The next general meeting of the American Social Science Association
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with a purulent film ; fibrinous clots were occasionally found between adjacent
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to the curve which would bound the inferior border of a plane bisecting
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and iodide of iron, and permanently by a change of air.
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and has been treated with simple astringents ; then a few hours later
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sinus in the sixth interspace anteriorly, which continued to discharge —
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results as mastoid trouble, requiring operative interference, will be rare.
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(4) No sensible man desires to see the practice of medicine made a
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of any return of the disease. Many forms of splint have been devised for
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that in cases where altitude is tolerated the system more or less gradually
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times at 47° C, more frequently at 48° C, and out of over fifty exper-
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seems to similarly tend to the prevalence of consumption, the statistics of
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time it was quite severe, lasting two or three days. In my judgment
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cortical lesion is followed by palsy of the vocal cords on one or both
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tained, is got rid of by nature and the rupture usually recurs.
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and electricity to keep up muscular nutrition, as taught by Mitchell
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most of his time, day and night, in painful efforts to empty the bladder —
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was at the time quite confined to his bed. I prescribed for him the three
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edly edematous condition, the cut section of the tissue presenting a gelati-
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Aneurism of the Aorta. — Dr. Cutler showed a specimen of a cylindrical
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years he will continue to rejoice in the reputation which his editorial labors
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phied. Rectal enemata only aggravated the symptoms during life.
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association did not think as he did, apparently to his great disg.ust.
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followed by intervals during which the disease appears to be stationary,
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the thickness of the skull. In the centre of this detached oval plate, at

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