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defect on the left of the fixing point might scarcely attract attention,
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indicated. This remedy, which has been recommended in connection
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giousness of the disease in question, although he could say, in answer to Dr.
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the *' new-fangled notions " about hygiene. The breezes of ocean fan
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TIio fever IVoin wliicli tlio lieir presumptive is now suffering — tlio tliinl of
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canals are preexisting structures, distended, it is true, by the injection,
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Barnes's supposition is correct, possessing, by their nearly emptied
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disease of the past is gradually disappearing before a new type of re-
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A diagnosis of separation of the lower epiphysis of the humerus was made.
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It describes brietiy the anatomy and physiology of the hair, and treats of
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and confirmed my diagnosis that there was fluid in the peritoneal cav-
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forceps. The woman was thoroughly chloroformed, and^ Lusk's modifica-,
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grow with the growth of the city, for it expressly provides that the city engi-
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white globules or leucocytes becoming agglutinated. There were no
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through them. Unquestionably one of the most important things to be accom-
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impart to it a pale blue tint ; boil the mixture, and carefully pour the
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When the spinal cord has l)cen invaded, a varying degree of sclerosis,
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city in different directions. The natural drainage of the soil being therefore
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therefore, he was close to the truth, and his treatment logical. (2) The
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by hemiplegia of a very short duration. On this account he advises
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able to present to you some facts that, although well known, are by no
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years ago, after another acute febrile attack, she got much worse, and since
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umbilicus, 132. During the night the patient had occasional and feeble pains,
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behind, and lessen the likelihood of a closed pupil and a secondary cata-
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the discharge being thick and thin by turns, and usually offensive. He
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it often renders us great service, it is also useful in those cases of fermenta-
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Some observers recommend venesection in robust subjects, Avith a
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around the insertion of the cord ; the cord fell off o"n the eighth day ; since
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inal course, or when it makes a curve, in the latter case the displacement be-
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tion showed the abdomen to be occ^upied by a median tumor extending
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rubber ligature with good results, but they were very superficial and not com-
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common duct are apt to be friable and degenerated, owing to the long-

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