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tura ferri ch I or id i gives one hundred and six drops from a bottle and one

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.(Csculapian Society of the Wabash Valley, the subject assigned being " The

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which followed very closely those seen in the case of Mrs. P. The dif-

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pains came on at midnight, March 27th, and a well-developed male child

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— The Medical Examiner takes the following from the Paris Medical re-

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blood, but on removing the tourniquet there was a capillary oozing dlflicult to

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evidence of palsy of one side of the palate is the absence of movement of

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Hitchcock, the present writer indignantly repels the accusation that the report

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influence of light. He was quite rational and calm ; the expression of his

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few^ pus corpuscles and a little bladder epithelium. Indican normal. Uro-

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resorts ; and this is : " To avoid, absolutely, residence in the larger towns and

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spine, and notably that for spina bifida which formerly was often

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patient was originally of normal vision in this respect ; and it must be

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cannot move upper arm. This thought to be rheumatism. Passes forty-eight

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not especially remarkable. The brain was not examined. There must have

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the matter with the uterus. A short time afterwards Dr. Boardman said that

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tages just enumerated, I confidently assert that the routine employment

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The discussion of the production of albuminuria is very interesting. The

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tain, and Canada. Edited by John M. Keating, M.D, ; Judson Daland,

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the Prince of Wales, the water-supply at Sandriiigham has been remodeled

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ing was somewhat labored after going up-stairs, but at the time of examina-

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well have been caused by the growth of an ovarian tumor which had con-

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anaesthesia would seem to be the most effectual way of bridging over the forty-

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equability as a most important factor in estimating the value of any

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upon either. The eyes must therefore be examined separately. The

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midway between them, namely, about thirty yards from each. Had he

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or if there be a copious escape of gut contents, as from the giving way of a

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