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ence in the ease with which the victims of syphilis and gonorrhoea are able to
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Operation. An incision was made, extending three inches directly
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fly-leaves of any description pertaining to advertisements, nor will they contain
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urine, at first slightly changed to the eye, by degrees acquired the
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ago he was thoroughly healthy, and was working on the cable cars in
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decomposing, and, consequently, irritating urine, by means of the cath-
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being known as the tache spinale or meningeal streak.
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substance (kittsuhstanz) is more nearly fluid than after death, and that
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Diseases, in writing of the treatment and care of chancre with peroxide of
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the study of infectious diseases from the scientific point of view ; for the
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and partly by the intestinal tract in the feces. From experiments on dogs
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her child and was up at the time of the second prolapse. IL.emor-
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later we have the large flattened, appropriately termed mushroom
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placed upon her back the first method was followed. The uterus was
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more neatly and successfully played than here in Boston. When I was informed
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with the personal views of the writer. They are all written with a freedom ot
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after abortion, three of haematemesis. The first four were fiital, the
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convenient for combination with many of the fluid extracts or with qui-
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in comparatively few of our cities and towns, made any considerable progress.
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by medicine, and more especially narcotics, when administered to the
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Hutchinson, is of o;rcat wcio;lit. In tliesc papers referred to lie gives
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country ; the records show that an average of seventeen thousand seamen
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away of water during the washing of the floor, of necessity frequently
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local application to the ear). He became giddy and faint, and was

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