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the disease. The " morning drop " as a symptom may almost be regarded
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possibly this indicates the cause of death, but, unfortunately, the clinical
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of tickets, to be sold at a certain rate to subscribers, who may give them to
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mass is very large. From one of Mr. McGill's patients he removed a mass
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be heard throughout the left back, though somewhat feeble in the lower fourth ;
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concerned, is marked by the subsidence of the signs of irritation, and
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class. Since then, of the one hundred and eighty-one cases which I
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there was a transverse fracture about the rnidclle, but the fVa<Mnent8
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to errors of refraction, and may easily, if these errors be not corrected, lead
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being divided too soon, were even worse than when separated by the knife.
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and right inguinal fossa, where there is a sense of resistance, felt to be more
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We have here a couple of admirable lectures, delivered by Dr. Boxall in
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ranging from loi" to 105.6'' ; the remarkably rapid respirations ; during
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of the would-be honest are overcome by the influences of the out-pa-
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calculate the height, nor are we told how much precision is attainable. It is a
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of brandy and beef juice being administered every three hours. No food
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present only in a tumor in which the cortex is involved. This convulsion
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beneficial in all cases where a prolonged action of iodine is desirable
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doue with a cauliflower. A finger inserted into the vagina felt some thicken-
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in each and every case. Those who are giving the amiesthetic should do noth-
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preparing for the occasion, was already in an excited condition. He ate a
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noted in the history from the matter, a form of streptococcus was found.
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tains! << Behald» he ^ill cr>iite with fire^ and
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October 2d. General condition much improved. Appetite good. Bowels
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stages to the " morphoea " of Wilson, the erythema and pigmentary deposits
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burning or darting in character, and accompanied by various paraesthesiae,
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on merit, but religious, and perhaps social, qualilications have considerable
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toms found in anaemia, and the pulse showed the great prostration.
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of relieving the pain caused by the presence of these fieces in the colon
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— The fifth session of the International Congress of Medical Science will

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