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the wound, they are thrown off, and it may thenceforw^ard be treated
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brain and its nuMnbranes. Many, we think, will agree with us in n'garding the
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they died more often from marasmus or defective nutrition, but some-
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be issued monthly, edited by Dr. I. Minis Hayes, of this city, and published
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Up to November 26th the uncovered surface of the bone looked perfectly
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Dr. Revillet once more draws attention to the above phenomenon.
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the knee-jerks were abolished, or greatly enfeebled. The knee-jerks were
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ref'Hrd to the origin of bronchial respiration. All assert that it may
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on whether the pupil is contracted or sluggish, or only seemingly so.
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tion was employed until active uterine contraction was set up and the fetus
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an article by Dr. Gauthier, published in the Gazette des Hopitaux, on a means
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possible to wall off the abscess cavity from the general abdominal cavity,
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I found 183 deaths recorded on the stones, which are with few exceptions of
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ously alfected, and perliaps also by the very considerable mortality which
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for the seat of war there is a great scarcity of doctors in Russia, and epidemics
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thee* eg* provoke fliee to east me out of thy fold.
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instituted daily washing by means of a small catheter. This was passed
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extracted from the letter that portion which deals with council matters,
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and may even resemble that of delirium : the negro or jSIalay intox-
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extemporaneous preparations. Many of our officinal remedies, to which
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almost absent ; but upon rotating the thigh, the knee being flexed to give a lev-
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Robert Lee. He is known throughout the civilized world for his invalu-
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solidified, and finally would become incapable of inhaling or expelling
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of respiratory movements must be divided into those supplied to the
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diaphragm and to the intercostal muscles respectively. Of these two
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the neck of the uterus ; peritonitis, or parametritis pelvica ; changes in
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cough away from home for three months, on her return the disease wan com-
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severe pain. Yet the primary irritation is not sufficiently strong to
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the bowels and in gastric ulcer. The nitrate is given in doses of a third of a

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