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(of Willis) J "'' atteient tihies (Trapezius (upper part)

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to practise in the State of Ohio the fact that such infiammation, swell-

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made sick by any one of the above substitutes, which caused disturb-

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aiid that the set time to fayonr Zion will certain-

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esses of fermentation, and notably that fermentation of milk which delivers

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chancred for sea-tanMe tents, and these acrain for Barnes's dilators.

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1 ghtful to drink, and as having a distinct sulphurous odor.

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the belly, and no abdominal tenderness. The patient had no headache,

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the dead tissue of the constricted artery, which is contaminated by them,

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uation of muscular tissue. General health otherwise good. Galvanic

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A one per cent, solution injected into tissue deprived of its blood and

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been lubricated by oil or the natural secretions of the vagina. A piece of silk

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sion of a thought that had its origin in a philosophical study of Nature

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the United States. The invitation was gladly accepted, and the Americans

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in every way, developing well in body and mind. — Dr. A. E. Schmid, in

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slight, as a rule, and fluid and a certain amount of nourishment can be

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and the ease of their introduction. The chief objection to them is their dilat-

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years of suff^eiing by rectifying the damage before the long train of

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syphilitic ulcerations ; but he suffered repeatedly from attacks of the most

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appointment to the staff, was a more familiar figure to Guy's men of the

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bition through nerve fibres connecting it with the cerebro-spinal centres,

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ing from the fact of the convulsions coming on before, during, and after labor,

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sounded, and the same pressure be made, it becomes still lower. If the

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Is the Foetus in Utero affected hy Medicine ivhich is given to the

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she began to have a " heavy drag," as she expresses it, in the pelvic region,

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should fasten one end of the wire to the " traveling button " and the other end

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Bromoform Poisoning and Bromoform in Pertussis (Holden).

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eral years of practice he has no business to become a physician. It is not

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trouble began, in the spring of 1875. He was tak(;n one morning,

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for March, 1868, and of Brinton, in the American Journal of the Med-

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