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raise and liold up the uterus and prevent this irritation. If, liowever,
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of mor[)hine, given at short intervals for two hours, and did not return
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Segalis, in 1826, constructed a very similar apparatus. Next, the English
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teachers abroad, but why they should decry the use of such important
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I will only add that in my opinion the adhesive straps alone, without
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Mkssus EniTOKS, — With the exception of a few of the blistering days for
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generally attributed to the helminths and larvas of like forms is there-
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and made by medical men with the cause thoroughly at heart, have fallen short
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mcnti causa, and the vesicles immediately reappeared.
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Passing then to the account of his experiments on the lactic fermentation,
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The child was wet-nursed after the first tooth came out, and throve well ; the
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level of its floor, so that it will readily drain the whole base of the bladder.
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temperature again rose, and, in spite of twenty-grain doses of salicin
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saries forbids any form of clinical use of the vast number of patients. The
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views of the patients' needs. Breaches of discipline are severely punished,
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lished in the form of a neat monogram. This will be a convenience to many
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on the periphery of the cord — with consequent destruction of the marginal
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— Of Churchill's tincture of iodine, of which the formula is : —
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ward, impart to it about eighteen or twenty energetic and rhythmic backward
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descending between the coipora quadrigemina and the antero -lateral
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isfactory reminiscence of a case of flooding which resulted fatally because
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the peons, draw their serapis or shawls more closely around them, carry-
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Motor paral3'sis may, of course, result from pressure on the spinal
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of the cardiac and respiratory centres, place the patient in the recumbent
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above named arrived at the point of applying the results given by pure
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But this sketch must be restricted especially to an account of Dr. Crosby's
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and its subsequent distension by gas. Purgation, then, to my mind, in no
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Feb. 24, page 229; Squire, Mar. 10, pages 292, 428; Carafy, Apr. 28, 510; Macdonald,

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