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ixiauaers, that so higli a privilege mighiit not be
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ness, and are illustrated by several well-drawn figures. He found that
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pulse was 92, and the following morning (March 31st) the temperature
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4. The presence of associated symptoms indicating disease of adjoin-
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the normal condition of animals and their organs, gave many an oppor-
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A steady and strong pressure was exerted, with a view to effecting a
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and ninety-six who are embraced under the title of "miscellaneous," whatever
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be magnetic, and to contain much carbonic acid gas. Quite a number of inva-
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pupils may become dilated. Girdle pain, with a vaiying degree of para-
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weak cocaine atmosphere. To obtain anesthesia in stretching the
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operations than other surgical procedures might point to the close prox-
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by Freeland Barbour, Berry Hart, J. W, Ballantyne, and J. C. Webster.
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that suffer tor the testimony of a good eonscienee^
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paralysed side. A false appearance of paralysis of the tongue is com-
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He showed the photographs as an aid to diagnosis. They give at a glance
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impossible for one man to have the varied technical learning necessary for the
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When we know, then, that our patient has sustained an injury such as,
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two of the laro-est in New Eno-land. The metal first comes in contact
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entitled "Topographical Anatomy of the Child." J Within the last few

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