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animal developed the general constitutional disease.
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diate results. In those cases where the effects were not immediate, the
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1. Impairment or loss of the bone conduction of sound; the aerial
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in moral instinct, and unless the reason is strong or the circumstances such as
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sponding to the steps of evolution. In the first degree of hemiplegia, for in-
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further supplies of it. The very first case in which I used it was for
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towards the deaf ear, if this is due to the conducting apparatus, and
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the left crroin extending: down the thi^h. Leucorrhoeal discharo;e had been
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case of dislocation on the dorsum ilii, in which auiesthesia caused no relax-
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his personal presence, the animal magnetism of the man, was remarkable.
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He can stand upon the right foot alone, but not upon the left. When
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1877.] TJie Boston Society for Medical Improvement. 719
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substance beneath. Section of kidney prevented any absolute judgment,
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location of the lens ; also the original case of coloboma of the iris and cho-
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Stone. He subsequently held the same relations to Gen. John Sedgwick, Gen.
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convince lost sinner^ of their- misery* to exalt, a
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rhage. Spontaneous non- traumatic hsemorrhage is very rare and its
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In some cases it is unusually brisk, chiefly in those, I believe, in which
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llexil)le riil)her catheter as tlie most suitable of all. Socin also is of
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surgery, and of good executive ability ; he founded the hos{)ital, as it were, and
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of the second and third ; this gives rise to a peculiar position of the hand
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micrococci arc present, cither motionless or moving slowly, and differ
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firmer and more inelastic. This is, therefore, the most appropriate of the
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and drawing the hand downwards, one could make the tumor slide upwards
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urine varied from five to six quarts in twenty-four hours ; its specific gravity
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she has been subject to diarrhoea, especially in the summer months, and
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Incised Wound through the Patella into the Knee-Joint ; Recovery. — P.
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continuous flow of bile into the intestine after ablation of the gall bladder
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but I am strongly inclined to think that if every epidemic of erysipelas
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