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chial fissure, is seen just outside of the section of the aquaiductus, ivhich

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maturely old, not bkise, not soured, but sobered, thoughtful, and earnest, with

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cleansing of the external genitals was turbid or contained gonorrheal

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raised by some, offers a ready-made excuse to those who have just hon-

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The heart is relatively normal in size, its pericardium injected and velvety.

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between the onset of symptoms and the death of the patient. In its

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filter, and arrives in the pharynx almost completely clean and free from

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System, by Dr. Fothergill ; one on Classification and Nomenclature in Nerv-

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then be so held as to screen the open eye from the light, Avhen the pupil

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lege, conducted by members of the profession, is allowed to send one delegate,

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recommending it to our readers as in every respect a most instructive and

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ease. For instance, in some he found the streptococcus alone ; in others,

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Ilolthouse is the only English authority I find who refers to them. In France

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of trachelorrhaphy leads one to inquire what can be the connection

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not to work on Sunday morning at the post-office. Was relieved from

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cases of eczema capitis in cliildreii that a periodicity existed in the pruritus,

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was as follows : a pulsation was distinctly visible in his left chest, about the

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and catheter to the sinuses and deep recesses of the wound, as well as

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the much worse cells at Worcester, it^ seems to me, could not be made by any

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count of the vital processes going on in a wound, a septic w^ound may,

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origin to the anterior superior portion of the auricle. (See Figure 2.)

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except that they were, to a large extent, what one who had carefully watched

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though there may be no evident signs of the child not getting sufficient food

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perforation of the drumhead is imminent, it is better to anticipate it, and

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utation, after a proper hearing of the parties, and to have these called ; while

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their stature. At heights above fifty-eight inches the reverse is the case.

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tals begin, as a matter of course. Providence Hospital, at present our only

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insure tlie complete purification of every nook and corner of the (h)iiii-

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