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At 3.30 p. M. Dr. Richardson decided to apply forceps, and the patient was
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by spasmodic action or by a sense of discomfort which may amount to
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Carbolic acid was tried by Professor Abelin in the form (A com-
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will be held on Monday evening next, at eight o'clock, at its rooms, 36 Temple Tlace.
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openings, 390 ; extirpation of the, 750 ; large fibroma
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cystitis slowly develops, and may become so severe that the patient spends
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in labor with her first child. Examination showed the os three quarters di-
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reasonable explanation of events for which the easy hypothesis of
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nition of this was necessary to meet the needs of the traumatized. The institution of this
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tonitis so subacute as not to have come under medical observation or
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Gonococci, the Value of Microscopic Examination for 379
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as in the previous operation, by Drs. J. A. and Chas. Temple and Dr. H.
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this case may go slowly, it may have relapses ; while in the worst cases,
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meals is excellent ; it is good for sore or loose gums ; it sweetens the mouth,
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Moos agrees with Hinton ^ that an early and very rapid loss of hearing
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produced a blood-stained exudation in the peritoneal sac, and many
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the scalp, but larger in extent. The gyral spaces were filled with clot-
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In thirty /^^j/ mortems made by Reclus upon men suffering from tuber-
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ill the iniclst of a busy practice that, even if the proper training and inclination
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the installation was to take place was in the fourth story, and a large assem-
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been found outside the dura, and these but rarely. Within the dura,
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herself, myopic ; it is further found in the hospital protocol that the mother of
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association which was held in Detroit in June, 1893, under the presidency of
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A careful study of the urinary sediment will often enable one to judge
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the state associations." The bent of the discussion was opposed to giving
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