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ol)\Mat('(l 1)\' tlu' sIinpK' expedient, uiiivei'sally adopted, oC ^iviii^r in
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at this stage, may be of advantage when the condition becomes more
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using any applications he satisfies himself that both nostrils are free
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a case in which a rigor occurred on the second day after labor. The
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and in many cases tlie inner surface of the dura mater is affected also.
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dejections were very light colored, rarely approaching yellow, and the day be-
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state. A certain blending of opacity with pallor may be regarded as a
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and often shows at the free edge a very delicate longitudinal striation,
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A tablespoon is commonly supposed to contain half an ounce ; it
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Benedikt, who treats his subject with a remarkably free hand, uses
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At that time the edge of the liver descended about two inches below the bor-
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arseniate or potassic arsenite (Fowler's solution), but that a mixture of
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wall is more or less paralyzed by the incision into the pleura ; the parts
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such interruption and repetition of the treatment being often necessary,
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referrint^ evidently to some great event about to take place in the church,
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Artificial Tuberculosis. — In the experiments hitherto made for the
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united. (In the description of figure 300 it is stated that the pharynx
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delivery "a gasping sound was heard from the uterus; this was audible
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When young, the patient had headaclies, but they have been better
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Towards the end of 1874, Pellizsari,* of Florence, questioned the
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T. J. Lutz, A. M., M. D. (Reprinted from the St. Louis Medical and Surgical Journal.)
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the stamps. The accounts would come wrong. Sometimes there was not
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the following percentages. In the first series, all the cases were taken
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and alinsliouscs, where they liad no pro])er care. Some, neglected by
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night, I concluded that my attendance upon the erysipelatous case had
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1 89 1 in Barrie, Ont., and felt better while there ; but after coming to To-
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158 Progress in the Treatment of Childre7i8 Diseases. [August 9,
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The position of August is remarkable ; iiintli on the burial-ground list, and
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vaseline rubbed on once a day. In about four months it completely dis-

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