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the tubes of the testicle, abnormal nutrition in the cellular contents
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compared to that often observed in traumatism. A very important
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the sore progresses the spraying causes a good flow of rich arterial blood
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causes abundant perspiration (this can be readily combated by giving oxide
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the concave edges of the vocal cords, and so closing up the ellii)tical
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five sisters — the whole number of children in her family being six — are like
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tions, to build up a kind of anti-doctrine, which, mixed, half naturally, half
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Dr. Rogers, which are published in this paper. There are, no doubt, a great
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pain of tenesmus. To illustrate these latter remarks : a patient under
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that country. It is said by many that the hospital system, in both cities
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and in more than one it was feared that he would die. His attacks of
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sixty hours. He presented a typical case of delirium tremens with all
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ful examination discovered a fibroid tumor attached to the base of the re-
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Bureii.^ It cainiot be used in sufficient strength in the bladder, says
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carefully prevented by the patient ; blowing of the nose and sneezing
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their normal relations, after injury, as extension and counter-extension,
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schools and brought over the speculum, which had first been introduced
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overlooked, namely, tliat the prolonged use of morj)hia produces the
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once to be impaired by any suspicions or opinions of mine ; and the
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(iii.) In sporadic cases of epidemic cerebro-spinal meningitis the mis-
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A specimen of which live c.c. when acidulated with one drop of acetic acid
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great majority of jjcople. It is said, and with high probal)ility, that
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were convinced of Galen's infallibility had no need to dissect. Why
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uri&y desired his sister Puleheria and his friend
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none of the cases passed on to suppuration. The general impression
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contraction. Engage the attention of the patient in such a Avay as to
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from ascites. His abdomen would become distended until he could only
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p. 856. AVhen an abscess is present it forces its way down the bodies
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in that case the fundus would be felt above on external palpation, and the
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case causes rupture of an artery, but at all times tends to prevent its
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right: Dr. Eugene Conrad, Instructor of Physiology and Pharmacology; Dr.
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the curbing of the whirlwind. — British Medical Journal.

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