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The next congress will be held in Russia. The choice appeared to lie
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track of the inguinal canal. This led him (Dr. Ileaton) to confine his efforts
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many tubercles will cause death, and the question is, of course, unanswerable;
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lono-er. The action of the joint is perfect, the patient suffering no in
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than by irrigation. If the operation area be well circumscribed by
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on the left of the figure borders the cavity ; this itself is indubitable proof
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or it may have broken loose from its attachments. The former condition is,
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erected in spite of its thickness ; and further, the sehaceous follicles do not
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sufficient to kill cysticerci. But the indications of death he relied upon
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lying dormant, and remembering this, and having, as I thought, a case on
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Let him beware, however, lest this be carried too far ; even at the instigation
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ity, in tlircc fonitiis of the cases, no such exposure has tukcn place.
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Sluehlen is among the comparatively few recent writers who consider that
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form, and a three-year-old child six grammes. In both swallowing of the
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There were found in the cord two firmly tied knots, one near the placental and the other
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One of them was an old gentleman, more than sixty years of age, who had
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two and a half quarts of clear, yellowish serum were slowly removed by the
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weight. The tenure of ollice has hitherto been uncertain; resignations liave
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impracticable, for the precii)itating processes seem to him apparently not worth
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autopsy. In other cases, however, the cerebral symptoms may quite mask
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recent paper, has given an impulse and an interest for which I gladly
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trine was to divert attention from the point of real importance, which was
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incurable without operation. Of those operated on statistics show a mor-
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or compressed, while the atoms along the distal curve are extended or
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expected. If this duty were entrusted to an officer, not a medical man,
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of irritating secretions, and rapid healing ensues. That the tendency
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in the liquor amnii ; but he considers it most probable that the passage
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other cranial nerves. Electricity may be applied to this organ with

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