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keeping pace to a great degree with the lessened toxemia. In a similar

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plied them on the first occasion, and, as he had only one keg on hand at

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and a half to three hours after. Very likely he is constipated, and when

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the hospital. On June 1st the transplanted cornea was pretty clear ; a

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made most experiments wilh colors will agree with me that the best agent is

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there must be more or less of a clear viscid discharge.

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perintendent of the McLean Asylum at the time the cells were abandoned,

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sium for eczema. The efflorescences were vesicles of all sizes up to

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bition through nerve fibres connecting it with the cerebro-spinal centres,

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plete, and includes an " Index of Therapeutics," in which all the drugs in

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Matthews Duncan affirmed that, " unfortunately for the boastings,

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was the sole cause of the trouble." Also, when speaking of a case of

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This might be answered by the equally complete proposition : they

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when previously soaked in sublimate solution. Steel instruments cannot

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did not cause pain during the progress of the case. Vomiting set in, and

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He found also that stimulation by single induction shocks, applied at

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The object of this paper is to show ivhere bronchial respiration origi-

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splint. On the 6th the bandages were removed. There being a slight lateral

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the screw, now adjusted to all the better syringes, screwed down to pre-

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perature following even a dose of ten grains. He slept thirty-six hours.

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the early part of November, when her term of pregnancy should have been

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appeared on the left side of the abdomen, just inside tlie superior spi-

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