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averaged only 0.007 per cent., no albumen, and deposited a sediment

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Such a condition of the leptomeninges is met with in hypertrophic

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sopharyngeal nerve "j (Irispir:iti(iii) (Eso])liagns

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sufficiently severe to prevent him from attending to his daily routine of

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the lining membrane of the middle ear is a fertile soil for the germ. The

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Fifteen months after the operation the patient finds herself in excel-

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work is over, or who has gazed at the hundreds of babies and children filling

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irritant effect, while that of the constant current was soothing. lie had at

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on movement ; and in children, if it is acute in onset and atiects the

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We regret that we have no space for the author's very judicious advice on the

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septennium, or forty-two years. Hence very few such men can go beyond

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eye be more convergent than the left, the line will be to the right of the

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gitis or "false croup." Hence the sporadic appearance, the sthenic

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witnessed during the closing scenes of our national congress, when both parties

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required." The Portland School for Medical Instruction, determined to ad-

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his death Hampden County loses an excellent physician and surgeon and a

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plexus of veins which surrounds the dura. Another cause of extravasa-

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gangrene. Pus-corpuscles and pulmonary epithelium are also found.

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1 Myelitis of the Anterior Horns, or Spinal Parali/sis of the Adult and Child. By E. C.

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sions and voices, are due probably to the activity of healthy parts secondarily

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the unequal way in which motor power is lost on the two sides of

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uted to the muscular attempt which the bandage makes futile but does

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tions of morphia. lie complained of constant pain in the lower part of the

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jury, I saw him in consultation with his attending physician. Dr. C. H.

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exceeded a box in two days. Lead was detected in the urine after

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raised to 92° Fahrenheit, even if there be albuminuria, the appearance of

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The 3rd cervical arch is commonly quite concealed under the

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were treated during two weeks with the ten per cent., and then, until

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tion to sex and age. It was generally believed that the decade of life between

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onset of the disease was sudden, and the temperature high. As a result

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the peril of their lives. The doctors when in the pit were in the same peril

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