Vitex Berry

— In an article in the Practitioner for April, 1877, on the Use of Weak
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eome at i;? ithoat the toil of tlie hands and s\^eai
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spectable thing to have to do with under any circumstances ; that the victims
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used in the eye. Pilcher dissolves the cocaine in a mixture of equal parts
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and in a shape most useful to the physician. A glance at its contents will give
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ject seasonably to an undesirable addition to the roll.
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licentiates themselves, this pernicious system, which is making greater inroads
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and the trustees, the liighest praise in my report, but I do not think (hat either
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perature three degrees, or even more ; but at the same time there is
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lost at the onset it means either that the cord is compressed by a large
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concerned. Many cases, however, come under observation late in the
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could be intensified by combining it with small doses (from two to five
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Though he has not finally completed his researches, M. Calvet ad-
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them by bulk. In furtherance of this end it is desirable that tabh^s be
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used carbolized catgut ligatures so as not to be obliged to remove them ; they
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narrowed very suddenly and severely. It is true no serious degree of
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o})eration. Autumn and winter are the best times to operate ; and
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* British Medical Journal, March 26th, 1892, p. 655.
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as the secondary. Thus by the former I have had two failures so far,
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as they wovdd not be seen if they were behind the spectator, or beyond
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mydriasis, returning as it does after the aqueous humor is resecreted,
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yon are therefore a favorite on convivial occasions. I liavo no apprclienwion
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months. Delirium sometimes appeared towards the end of life, to ac-
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taining each and every mineral found in the waters of Kreutznach, and, with
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beiiii]^ liardonod for microscopic examination. Tlic patient, a man, was sick a
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atropia was now used repeatedly, and it acted, I might say, magically,
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for two days ; from the third day on the same dressing is renewed once a
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side of the Atlantic. Its influence has, however, been felt none too soon, for
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instituted daily washing by means of a small catheter. This was passed
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2. Tlie cochlear nerve. — The fibres of this, the second di\nsion of
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tone, so that he makes himself understood very well. Tube cleaned
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necessity, but it is an argument in favor of deliberately opening the skull
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the accurate information which could be gathered as to the atmospheric
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Ear, the nasal douche and the, 500 ; the development

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