Vitex Shoal Creek Chaste Tree

membrane opaque ; on posterior wall numerous small hoemorrhagic spots, on
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reserved until after the reading of another kindred paper.
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months. For a considerable time there lias been much relief in respect
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And now, as we have gotten fairly well settled in our new home, I
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A Practical Treatise on Nervous Exhaustion (Neurasthenia), Its
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vitex shoal creek chaste tree
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attached to the wire yard at the end ot the screw, thus furnishing ex-
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Further, in discussing details of an operation with women patients,
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It is quite remarkable in such a warm climate not to find any vermin. Yet
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It is shown that 26.4 per cent, of the prevailing diseases are zymotic, and
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Von Monakow found that lesion of the lateral fillet was followed, among
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cians have practiced medicine in New England alone for half a century, and
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lasted about three months, limited to the right half of the body. The cata-
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in the upper and increase of hypermetropia, if possible, in the lower segment
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spinal meningitis, caries of the spine, tumours, myelitis, and chronic de-
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the condition of the reflexes nor the character of the urine was ascertained.
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earlier and more plastic years of life, but it may also be spoiled. In any
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and manufacture to my old and valued friends Messrs. T. Metcalf &
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us twenty cases in all, from which we derive the following facts.
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disease. A certain proportion, of cases, however, which bear extension
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and injecting asphalt dissolved in either chloroform, benzole, or turpen-
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June 4th. Jactitations less violent ; sleeps pretty quietly at night. Repeat
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then to syringe out the vagina, morning and evening, with a solution
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the urine of the same into the liquor amnii. The amount discovered
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being too tight, and it has caused some swelling of the leg. No heat over
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sary to ascertain the true character of the disease.
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causes abundant perspiration (this can be readily combated by giving oxide
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But a more convincing proof of the death of the parasite is obtained
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are affected there may have been the application of one of the above-

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