Vitex Tree Picture

Except outside the skull, where their distribution is clear, no means exist
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suffered from a painful inflammation of the left eye for sixteen days.
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stomach and bowels. In the right groin was a tumor as big as a
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Trophic disturbances. — These features are by no means prominent
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may have escaped the first treatment. This is quickly accomplished. It
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the disease, it seems most natural that y/e should enquire into some of the
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sition is presented in the fact that the microscope showed bacteria lactis inva-
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Lake, and other phiees ar(! now visited by lar^re numbers annually, and they
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In addition, we would suggest that one, or at the most two, per cent,
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old, when he fell out of a baby carriage, striking his back upon a piece of board.
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lish a high standard of requirements at the final examination, and the recom-
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occasion, found the growth so intensely hard that he failed to remove the
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It, published in llie British Medical Journal for October 20, 1877, Alexander
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leading from the eye to the occipital lobe, may interfere with conduction
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his part, she was delivered of her child, which lived only a few minutes.
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dents, and that he claims too much for the little he is said to do.
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these cases hemorrhage from the uterus is rarely considerable. Of course
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through the valveless pelvic veins and the vena cava.
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have been conceived in the interests of the profession, and some that, from
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tion, and an autumn course, beginning on the first Monday of September and
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inflammation of the peritoneum, all of which are more or less common in
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in Organic Chemistry and Toxicology, Woman's Medical College ;
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cance which should be attached to the word diphtheria^ and to discuss
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press it laterally also. When the operation of laminectomy is performed
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tissue elements, or there may be " optic neuritis " properly so called.
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and she dated her illness from the birth of her last child. She entered
vitex tree picture
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f whether in the body 9 1 cannot tell / or wlietKer
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ortran. Mr. Durham, of Guy's Hospital, had a similar experience.^
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The three smallest children were boys, weighing respectively four and
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The patients in uncomplicated labor are attended by the house physicians,
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months hiter there was a little discomfort on lying down, especially if
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Earlj in Maj she begin to notice slight chills or rigors. These were
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he had " lost his senses "for a short time. Meninmtis, Brio^ht's dis-
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one of the ablest of our young Canadian graduates, at his home in Grand

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