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and, thirdly, a microscopic examination of the nucleus ambiguus in the

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and secured with bandages of the same carbolized material.

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detected, but the bruit de souffle was very distinct at the lower part of the

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was 102° F., and the pulse 120. The urine was drawn by catheter for three

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due to destruction of nerve roots. Vaso-motor disturbances may be

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$1,100; total, $2,650.80. The University, therefore, netted, last year,

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dura becomes intimately adherent to the pia-arachnoid over considerable

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owing to laceration and eversion of the lips — to friction against the vagina.

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exclude typhoid fever. They are also of value in the differential diagnosis

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In the afternoon the first paper was by Dr. Wm. A. Hardaway, of St. Louis,

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losis and actinomycosis of the appendix, not infrequently observed, differ


below the knees remained cold most of the time. No stool until August

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