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baldness "frequently occurs in those who consume large quantities of food, and

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difficult to imagine any connection between the structure referred to in

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(to use our English \ih.vsL^) were well, that had noti

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agreeable one, it is true — of the sanitary condition of one of our most thriving

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toxic diseases, e.g., hydrophobia, and suggist toxic origm.

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recognized at the points indicated a sense of constriction, but no pain.

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the patient frequently becomes blood poisoned before any septic element

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calculations, which are indispensable if we wish to know how much

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affection. Sometimes this is due, of course^ to spread of the inflammatory

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gether. In six weeks the fragments were firmly united by ap})arently

vpxl does it work

held at Manchester, beginning on August 7th. In the morning the members


from the fourth to the ninth, and reach the cardiac plexus by

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clots, pus, cyst fluid, and the like, should be thoroughly removed. It is

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on every ulcer and wen he could get at. His fame for " removing cancers "

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vitality, and made as brave a fight against the dread enemy as I have ever

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Resection of the (Esophagus.^ — Professor Czerny performed this opera-

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increasingly liable to occur after the fifth month of pregnancy. Sudden

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myelitis. It must not, of course, be confused with the acute synovitis

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removed to relieve pain, as the patient had been obliged to take a great deal

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the statement, owing to the dyspnoea which so often accompanies them.

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work by the above authors treats of the latter point. After a part of the

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and the town pays the doctor and buys the medicine ; consequently Waterbury

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Baker he should certainly approve of the operation, but he would reserve it

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ary to cancer of the breast, it is v.ery unlikely that embolism of the

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Discussing profits made from their busy dining hall, are Phi Chi Medical Fraternity

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urethra was at some distance (eight centimetres) from the end of the

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pale, heart sounds regular, but muffled and weak, complained of eructa-

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so seriously visited the royal house of late years ; and it is highly necessary

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Myalgia and irritable spine, much permanent relief.

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coni[)laints made by this patient were not unlike those in the preceding

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jihenomeua may be met with, though not usually in very pure form.

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hand, it contains little that is new, and not so much on some points as we

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resenting the conservative side of the argument, I cannot do better than

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cases to have much value, give results directly opposite to the law stated

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