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never ascertained. In Kaiser's statistics, already alluded to, there were 6
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what, but the patient answered rationally when addressed. Marked dysp-
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cats resulted in neither congestion nor ulceration, which is readily explained
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men were elected for the ensuing year : Managers, J. H. Wolcott, George H. Kuhn, Henry B.
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dogs, between two and three hundred have been killed. Many of these an-
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internal version. When first called to see the case, and before making a vagi-
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to the State Reform School, consulting physician to the liutler Insane Asylum, attending
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helped with an artificial white and red^ and endea-
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320 The Climate of Southern California. [September 13,
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the gall-bladder and larger bile-ducts, to wit, the bile-expelling appa-
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where the chyme is passed on to the intestines in an imperfectly-prepared
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were coming in to escape from a rain storm, some of them rested on the grass
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operations were performed on the leg. The front of the leg is now

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