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the pollution of small streams by kitchen refuse, slaughter-house waste, and
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Resuscitation in chloroform narcosis has been accomplished by a new
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sions much anxiety to the patient, if not to the physician himself.
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Double Congenital Dislocation or Displacement of the Hip. — Dr. Buck-
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5 Berliner klinische Wochenschrift, January 22, 1877.
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having been washed out with a weak bichloride solution, the usual toilet
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as pathognomonic of stricture. Sir Henry Thompson, in his work on
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by two wires with the battery, and consists of an arc lamp, and behind it
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found in the septum four times. These results correspond remarkably
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pital. She had occasionally vomited bile, was feeble and emaciated. I
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village, or township in which the infant is living at that time, or in case
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superior laryngeal branch, anaesthesia above the level of the paralysed
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considerably above the umbilicus. The margin of the vaginal tumor
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rical Cases in 1875. — A committee appointed for the purpose made a
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tube. Dr. Justus Gaule claims that tuberculosis of the testicle commences
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amount of money in tiie construction of their huihling, they have just found
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as the cause of the ileus. The abdomen was opened, and in some coils
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It is therefore clear that Deiters' nucleus has manifold connections
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not so flat as pavement epithelium usually is. The second layer consists of
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hypoglossal nerve — Roller's small-celled nucleus and the nucleus of Duval.
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Fischel and Adler found streptococci in a case of anemia which
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the bowels would relieve the pain. He had, therefore, felt some doubt about
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