L-arginine Otc

febrile exacerbations. The patient, a resident of New Orleans, was supposed
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tions of a two per cent, solution of carbolic acid or of other allied sub-
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formance. An article by Professor WestphaP contains some physio-
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on May 12, 1877. His brother was just recovering from a mild attack
l-arginine otc
Chronic iritis may be known from the history of a previous attack,
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cult in the world. In October our mission held its annual meeting, and I
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forgotten the valuable results to be obtained by its employment in the
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caped by a chimney. The floors were thus warmed night and day,
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Not so well as yesterday. Decubitus dorsal. Beef tea nauseates, so it was
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pected of being insane. The history of this boy's moral insensibility, of his
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In speaking of Leonard's pocket day-book in our November issue, we
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the report of the State Board of Health, and has been distributed as
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entitled " Gross Cleanliness in Obstetrics," suggests the possibility that
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contracted uterus merely gives the physician a feeling of security which
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character scattered over the surface of the parietal pleura, posterior
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examination of the case when it first came under my observation, on
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not quite, beyond their reach, holds that the population of the city is too scat-
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J. G. Kiernan, M. D. (From the American Journal of Insanity.)
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whole surface of the vagina was found covered with ulcerations, varying in
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When the bly the sheaves lie isealter'd o^er the field ^
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To illustrate, in the first i)lace, the complexity and tediousness of the
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not been long enough as yet to warrant him in coming before the society with
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quency of micturition. (3.) Persistent resistance to the introduction
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gyuiiecology, one lecture, and one of bedside teaching ; * bedside instruction in
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who desired to get full value for the council's investment. We feel cer-
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theory of starvation the utter emptiness of the alimentary canal, except for

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