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deen ; Mr. E. Squire, Wivenhoe ; Mr. T. M. Stone, London; Mr. S.

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of tlie 18 cases which showed no necrosis — are important

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respecting the Withington proposals have called forth much comment.

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cause of symptoms existing along with it. He did not accept

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Urticaria Pitrmentosa. Dr. Samuel West : A Case of Der-

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were normal. After the above experiences there seems to me

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adopt in case you were called upon to operate under circum-

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outside the body. He thought it would be preferable to

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records can prove, but to the question which we are now

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interest to note liow successive functions may be separately

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practicable, it is suggested that rag bales might be allowed, with reason-

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To each Bill is attached an explanatory memorandum by

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gegeben von der Medicinal-Abtheilnng des Koniglich Preussischen

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Upper Berkeley Street, W., Jan. 13th. Honorary Secretary.

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September 10th, 1892. To the Victorian Branch of the British

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188.5, 52,000 in 1886, 56,000 in 1887, 44,000 in 1888, and 85,000

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applied to prevent any chilling of the abdominal contents.

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he informs me that he has never published any tlieory on the

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lial gland, for instance, the primary process is a multiplica-

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statement. I request you to be good enough to insert this

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placed in the hands of any biological student. There is, it is

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months' interval on account of redevelopment associated

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the itch insect in 1834 by Venucci, an Italian student, in

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St. Mark's. Hours of .•l((ent;a»cc. -Fistula aild Diseases of the Rectum,

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terferes somewhat with the inspissation of the discharges by

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Corrpspondents who wish notice to be taken of their communications

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lacts as they are givtn in the Phannacopxia than in this

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15.3 in Portsmouth to 23.9 in Salford, 2.i.l in Manchester, 2.5.6 in Bolton,

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peated dispensing of a physician's prescription is not aliowed

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•field, make it unlikely that my results are unreliable. My

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insists that only those having a certain number of years to

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connected with a single metropolitan hospital, we may form

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p. 126, the Commission say: "If direct weakening of the

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was rapid emaciation, and the temperature fluctuated widely,

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is stated to be an inodorous, tasteless, orange-yellow powder

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after 20 sees, not to fall, but on the contrary to rise, and rose

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Roberts, London ; Mr. W. Rotherham, Parkgate ; Jlr. F. A. A. Rowland,

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