Extracto De Hoodia Gordonii

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contact with raw surfaces, on account of its affinity for

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into the thoracic cavity, so that the abdomen is retracted

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American Medical Association. — An unavoidable delay in the issue

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stimulating and hastening absorption of opacities of the

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of aconite, one drop each in a drachm of ice water, at half

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genitive glycyrrhiz-ce, of licorice ; radix, genitive radic-is, of

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associated with him in its management. Harrison Ritchie, Esq., of

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140 Medical History of the Seventeenth Reg't Mass. Vols.

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common use, since it produces a more healthy condition in

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but soon falls, owinp; to diiniuisheJ heat ]iroduction and

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und rectum in horses, and has been employed to expel

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Discontinuing the iron, I directed quinine and whiskey — of the first

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not grievously. In those two cases, I am obliged to confess, it was

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It stimulates the gland cell or peripheral nerve endings.

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■without delay, first embracing; it in a stout ligature of silk near its

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dilution. Large medicinal doses stimulate the muscular

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over a large ring aflbrds for the anatomical study of the internal

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regiments and diseases of my patients. Amputated (assisted by

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already been noted. Primary vascular contraction may fol-

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intestinal antiseptic and anthelmintic. One ounce given on

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in ball. The patient should, if possible, be previously pre-

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fatal, except in colossal doses, but the effects may appear

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;and evaporation, so that 1 Cc. = 1 Gm. of the crude drug.

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junction with the Trent, some forty miles from its entrance inl^

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ter it seemed to be no more than atrophy, from distension of tho

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and partial blindness, restlessness, nervousness, delirium,

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should only be taken as an a])]jroximate, because an actual enumeration of the

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best and richest professional fee I have ever received. I touched

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chest was immediately made, and fine crepitation, mingled with faint

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Derivation. — From alum slate, clay, shale or schist, a

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Tincinra Belladonnce Foliorum. Tincture of Belladonna Leaves.

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evidence ^f the facts. For the last year or more, Dr. C. has been

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Constituents. — 1, starch-granulose ; 2, starch-cellulose.

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tion after being rubbed up with hot (115°-120'' F.) water; or

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