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fectly well and able to do her housework. The cervix healed perfectly,

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that in cases where retroversion has existed before the operation the patient

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does seem that the danger is increasing, a case in point being the fact that the

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New York, January 22nd. He strongly advocates the use of antiseptic

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abortionists simultaneously in different parts of the city. The arrests

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on the enlarged prostate could restore the natural bladder function to a

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causing unpleasant symptoms. — British Medical Journal.

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The plan of having a medical man for superintendent is adopted in those in-

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is reason, either from a parallel or other condition in the mother, to suspect

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is volatilized and rises through the buckles, changing by some obscure

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pain beginning with the flow, and continuing two days. At the time of her

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In the discussion which followed, M. Bard said that the histological

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administration of chloroform or ether, yet the operation may be done

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The occurrence, shortly afterwards, of a fourth and last case, the

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readily to the belief that erysipelas was the all-potent cause, — the subtle,

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fresh oozing commenced when the surface was exposed. Brain sub-

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The urethra was then dissected out and an incision made in the peri-

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passed, I believe that the general rules laid down for selecting the method

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Passive motion was applied twice a week until the 31st, when the splints

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de Gynecol, et d'Obstet., September, 1893. — Medical Chronicle.

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few very rare cases liave been reported ^ where there was blood in the

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been wanting to the roll of the great men of our day ? If not, then let us

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Saunders' Question Compends. Essentials of Nervous Diseases and

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according to the bacteriological factor present in each case, and, as I con-

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1877.] The Boston Society for Medical Observation. 47

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who had only applied the forceps once in twenty years ; and, at the same

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violence. In the latter cases, where the fracture is due to falls from a

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of neuritis. He gradually improved, and when discharged he was very

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