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intrusion of the Spaniards. It is arid plain below, and a sky absolutely

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mon attendant upon the electrical treatment ; but some never feel it, oth-

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in detail when we discuss the diagnosis of meningeal hsemorrhage.

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patella upwards and backwards to the thigh. Four other shorter straps

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grasping of small instruments, and a gradual toleration of instruments

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a cicatricial band forming in such a position as to compress the cord and

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possible violation of the code of ethics by the l)arty named, without at the

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are of an average depth of perhaps one hundred and sixty feet.

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was more developed than the left, and seemed to have been generally

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Treatment of Fistula in Ano, — Dr. John P. Ordway read a paper on this

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once decided to refuse all practice and merely to give a daily lecture through

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acidity of the urine and allaying the inflammation and irritability of

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tinguished." The entire paper is exceedingly fascinating, as tliose wlio had

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" the main element in the treatment of such cases is the most rigid

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f^f favofif, ba^Mydij^<ioaPtMoj»|eape:^)apbltc^

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five years, and had given birth to one child within a year after marriage, and

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is discouraged. Possibly this might not be the case in a country where the

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ciated. During residence in hospital he had alternating attacks of diarrhea

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nia. He began practice in Boston, and by his talents and assiduity he made

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In the same connection Dr. Playfair made a statement which we can-

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lesion, but iilso of all the other o;:in2;l ionic centres whicli in health

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with no perceptible diploe. Others are hardly a line in thickness, and

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stop up the arteries ; partly to contraction of the arteries ; and, lastly, to a

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If, despite the employment of these precautions, toxic symptoms

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pyogenic membrane by the pent-up pus, of whi(!li a good evidence is

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is rumored that the trustees of Columbia College propose to organize a med-

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(15.) That the heart, mediastinum, etc., are not pushed out of place by an

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signs and symptoms of lobar pneumonia were present. A free opening

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