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Beevor. Tr. Clin. Soc. Loud. 1893-4, xxvii. p. 28. — 20. Bierxacki. Deutsch.
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valve very much shortened and thickened, and the aortic valves adherent at
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licular catarrh of the intestines, and with the intention of favorably modify-
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locality of the abscess could not be determined, and she had left the hospital
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vesico-vaginal fistula was Elembro. Sims did not speak French, and
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THERE has been considerable misunderstanding with reference to the
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well understand, the sacrificial cult, which demanded the confirmation of
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to certify his success. But God has given sufficient vital force to last a man of
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conception of the pathology of the disease. It consists, first, in eliminating,
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is usually preceded by an elevation of temperature that commences soon
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during the previous attacks. Subsequently, as the heart grew decidedly
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Maritime Provinces intend to make this one of the most successful meet-
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moistened with wine that has been artificially colored by fuchsine or other
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Medical College. 152 pages. Published by J. H. Vail & Co., New York.
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sities, the superiority in weight being, as a rule, more marked than that in
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well to elaborate his remarks on ectoptic gestation, as he has scarcely done him-
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branchial cleft, but cuts it at an oblicpie angle, as Iluschko's own illus-
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statements are well substantiated from my own experience ; the mixt-
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ov there may be grave intracranial disease, such as tumour or haemor-
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herently, and tossing about. Pulse was 80 ; skin cool ; bleeding from the left
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physician, and appoints a senior and junior assistant without pay. From
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cumstances, in difficult cases, the physician, worn out by direct traction,
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was married two years ago; had a child born in May, 1891, good
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2. Impairment or loss of perception of notes of a high pitch ; the
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sonal gynecological experience, still I thought possibly some few recollec-
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H., age eight years, was found on the railroad track with his right arm crushed,
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absolute loss of sensation, from pressure on the conducting channels, from
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torney. The conclusion was reached that if the prisoner set the fires in his
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conductor, twenty-one years old, while stepping from his car, September 27th,
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benefit those who seek rewards for political services.
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a copious residuum upon the introduction of the catheter." ^ On the
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intervertebral foramina, so as to involve the dura mater and bring about
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at last I did succeed in attaining the end I sought, in the production of

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