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8 Journal de Pharmacie et de Chimie, September, 1876, page 206.

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Lodge, St. John's Chapter, and William Parkman Commandery.

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may precede the more characteristic symptoms of the condition, which

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(i.) Supra-nuclear paralysis (including the coi-tical and subcortical

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altered kidney, but its precise structure could not be determined, as the

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tincture of carmine or in haimatoxiline for from two to twelve hours or

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Lactational types. The same symptoms occur here as in the other

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THE Burnside Lying-in Hospital of Toronto has been fortunate in

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fore-arm. The result show^ed that the implanted skin had not gained any

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dryness of the mouth as for the mitigation of the general symptoms, although

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its occurrence, but after her abortion she had suffered from dysmeuorrhoea, the

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eight hours or more of mental and physical agony which precede the inevitable

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bolic acid in the gauze dressing which is placed over it. The dressing

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to that which ocu'urs as a senile change in every normal eye, but of

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W. B., aet. 15, good family history, thin and pale. Walks with

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urine, at first slightly changed to the eye, by degrees acquired the


the process may be diffuse, affecting a considerable extent of the long

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year, I induced the Council of the British Medical Association to exclude

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eyelids in the morning, was easily fatigued and rendered breathless, had

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again to urge our readers to keep this fact in view when making arrange-

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in aid of new and improved legislation on the subject.

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The two following cases are, I think, illustrative of the condition

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" Recently I have had occasion in two cases to use it, and instead of a

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passed through the roller. Ordinary sponges in holders are better adapted

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strument being of the same diameter throughout does not dilate the sphincter

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on cough. Deglutition became more and more painful, and on Decem-

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scarlet fever, were more subject to puerperal fever. Both diseases, too,

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than Hutchinson, F. R. C. S. Fasciculus YII. Philadelphia : Lindsay and Blakiston.

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