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mentioned the following case : A man, thirty-four years old, had been from
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preference for skimmed milk, which has a higher specific gravity than
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the eiojhth day the vagina was sliohtly red. The site of the wound was
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moreover, in tetanus this symptom is not accompanied by others of
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ent : Drs. Bryce, Covernton, MacDonald, Kitchen, Rae, and Vaux.
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so that the patient could readily distinguish between sweet and bitter,
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generally expressed that such a thing did not occur ; but that in every instance
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of Sudden Death, Coroner's Cases, by Dr. J. Kneeland. Operation for Clos-
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recorded. The region of the liver was flattened, not tender. Exhala-
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influence of treatment (what treatment is not stated) taste improved,
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the oxalate of cerium and Copeland's method were stated as the means most
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Sphincters. — Retention of urine is frequent ; incontinence also occurs,
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proper treatment. Myer says 55 per cent. ; Gilney, 50 per cent. ;
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want of knowledge of the anatomy of the arachnoid gave rise to, and is par-
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we have as yet no established science in this branch of surgery.
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excitement. During and after the French Revolution political took the
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from Ohio ; his stump oratory, with its " tearing of a passion to tatters," even
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doses have very hopeful chances of recovery. (3) But if after having toler-
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plenty everywhere except here, but all the hotels are provided with muslin
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of opaque, puriform fluid, and general surface showed nothing uimsual. Pos-
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death in three days, 84 ; compound fracture of the ;
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roform gave complete relief from pain, and she had no more trouble till
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between the arms of ilie lever on tlu^ same si(l(! of the fulci-a as tlie weight,
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are sure their hearts won't stand it, and they have been told this, that, and
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the fatal evik of this accursed thing. << The
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have already studied medicine one year or more with a preceptor, so that the
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and in a few days they became larger and white in the centre. They
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With the able assistance of Dr. Bob Clark, Chief Resident in
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occur, on account of the elevatiid position of the land and the sandy soil. Al-
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dis|M-nsible need of a saviour ; of a saviour in all
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that suffer tor the testimony of a good eonscienee^
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When the patient left the hospital, July 21st, there was no perceptible dimi-
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