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swiftly down to the sea. The natural lay of the land is so favorable that this
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in Europe. lie had had cases of "Burmese ringworm" where, after the de-
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judge of the progress in treating the *' most violent " like the more quiet,
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of relief in any given case. In some it will be a Kraske or some of its
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tap the abdomen. This was done by Mr. Wells, and sixteen pints of fluid
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very straii:;ht nasiil passages, when sometimes a dim view could he
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it was the first symptom which betokened the fact of an existing preg-
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cases in the Erlangen Lying-in Hospital, agrees with Hofmeier that Brax-
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consideration by the city government of beautifying the back-bay lands, al-
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— Dr. M. R. Speare, of Rochester, New York, describes a form of paper
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The question of absorption of lead leads us in the first place to in-
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to whom I have shown it at once said. " If this represents fairly the views of
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As a contrast to these cases, we may take one of general ''''optic
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1 Repertoire de Pharmacie et Journal de Ohimie medicale reunis, August 25^ 1876, page
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the needle should be well swept about while delivering the fluid, should pass
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which the ainnioniacal chani^e is liable to take place, opinions and prac-
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point, the author spent considerable time in determining the course usually
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I presume Dr. Caven could explain the reasons for the fact — which is,
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the mercurial treatment is interrupted, or as a therapeutic agent to be
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and, finally, that the use of clamps is not as surgical a procedure as the
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where he had struck upon the stone, and that the skin was ecchymosed
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tinued it, at the same time denouncing it as too dangerous. Dr. Boxall,
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Artificial Tuberculosis. — In the experiments hitherto made for the
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Dilatation of the pupil may occur in one or in both eyes, the former
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Cordes, in a memoir upon the use of quinine, gives the following con-
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readily understood by the student. The work is taken up systematically, and
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The author emphasizes the following conclusions of Ehrlich : The
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spot; and, if it ])e less convergent, the line will be to the left of the spot.
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phied, the surface being covered with the discharge already described.
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As already mentioned, Dr. Gibney regards the lesion as a perispondylitis,
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another factor is considered, namely, the natural drainage. In Cottage Street
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