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showed that the os uteri was dilated to the size of a quarter of a dollar,

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30 F. steel sound was easily passed into the bladder. After the opera-

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July VJ, 1877. I to-day examined the patella and found it of the

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not only the placenta is extracted entire, but also that the uterus is

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be experienced in the passage. After entering the bowel thread the probe

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of twelve years of age. One was healed by repeated injection and infla-

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cases, is not diphtheritic, what is it ? And if we admit its identity with

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in the wings Sunday evenings ; during which the physician read a ser-

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my customary procedure : All detached fragments of skin or other tissue

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hand gently bend the dorsal region of the spine backwards. Retain for

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Just as the chronic parenchymatous inflammation is shown not to be a con-

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An infant should double its weight in six months, and treble it in a

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man of Dr. Carl Michel, of Cologne-on-the-Rhine. With an Introduction by E. S. Thur-

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and enormous quantities of ice-water are swallowed, whereby the dust,

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pulse rapid and small. A resort to stimulants had seemed to rally

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represents eight grains of the bark of viburnum prunifolium.

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primary growths are more commonly met with than metastatic deposits.

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described as the oesophageal opening. The section, however, shows that

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come from other causes, but the total absence of fuicea in the intestines is hard

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illustrated. The position of the larynx and trachea is shown. The

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thinking. At that time a great enthusiasm had set in for the use of ether,

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for those cases which he had seen, where the sphincters were cut through from

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of catgut in carbolized oil is generally recognized as being untrustworthy

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between the atmosphere on the open ocean and that along seashores in

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The society was called to order daily at 9.30 a. m., and remained in session

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To those who hold these views, which have been launched wiili great per-

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posed by a solution of tartaric acid. Death took place with all of the

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Pompholyx. Dysidrosis. — Dr. A. R. Robinson, of New York, com-

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forming the typical tubercular ulcer situated near the mesenteric attach-

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