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certain muscles and tendons, the so-called subsultus tendinum, while in

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eases communicated regularly by the bites of insects.

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Heberden certainly included in his description of chickenpox, cases of

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the majority it is late in the disease, generally in males, and often thought to

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F.R.C. V.S. Cloth, size 6x8 3-i, 758 pages, illus.6 25

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system withstand various infections better than control animals under the

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mon, set free by one bacterial species, may be removed from the serum by

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secondary vesicle may be formed on the surface of the true lesion. In still

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be no difficulty whatever, as the examination of the blood should show the

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tures are drawn under it about an inch apart. The vein is

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ture, high barometric pressure, direction and velocity of the winds, etc.),

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per cent. This diminution from 14 per cent, may be explained by the

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At the first glance the subject of this paper seems one of

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vaccination during epidemics, which often occur at a season favorable for

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the neck and dowmvard to the extremities. As a rule, there is no eruption on

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A young man whose parents were inebriates puts on his

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the occurrence of a marked iodine reaction without leukocytic reaction. In

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of the general infection or capable of causing its exacerbation. We may

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nation and bacteriolysis, which at one time were thought to be due to the

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coloring of the skin. The intensity of the color varies usually with the

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fatigue, exposure to cold, and nervous derangement of the

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administration of ether has to do with the production of the disease is uncer-

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reach their extreme in the proposal of Joukowsky to vaccinate the umbili-

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94,826 deaths, a mortality of 20.4 per cent. Among the older writers we

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to 8 ounces in the twenty-four hours. Whether alcohol is to be considered

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