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variety, on the other hand, there may be evidence of tuberculous disease
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cochlea, and pass in the trunk of the nerve to the anterior or accessor}'
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its way into the neural canal by way of the intervertebral spaces, and
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living at a moderate expense. In this connection it is evident that what is
Dr. Arnold mentioned a case of twins with shoulder and arm presenta-
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under the palpebral than bulbar conjunctiva, was very superficial at its
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be admitted that it has great force and deserves very careful consider-
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to alternate the breast with the artificial food, givino; the former five
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of epilepsy, seventeen of alcoliolismus, etc. Positive changes were found
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was rather a man of thoroughly sound common sense, capable of devoting
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the pupils to light falling upon the blind parts of the retinre will be
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of the body, even those whose position, connection, and arrangements
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cicatrices of the cuts partially opened and ulceration took place, making him
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Practically, the examination of the thoracic and abdominal organs was
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III this CAIRO, tlie patient was donided that liis comfort, had been temporarily
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is traced. M. Serres^ gives an opinion based upon nineteen autopsies
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vegetable over mineral caustics is that they do not decompose healthy tissues.
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now universal throughout the world. I mean Spencer Wells. Spencer
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add the deaths returned under the new name of diphtheria, we thereby
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ribs, about half an inch to the inside of the left nipple. Pulse 92. On the
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tricity in the treatment of amenorrhoea, and considered it by far the most effi-
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with slight assistance got to the chair, and occasionally attempted to get
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of the patients offered words of comfort and encouragement. In the medical
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