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same way in the bronchi, bronchial respiration. Such is also heard in
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The quality of tlic urine was in stroiirr contrast witli its former ap-
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ommendation possesses very obvious advantages, and if carried out would
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been admitted, and the appearance of the two cases had very much in
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vident dispensaries, or in private practice. Our Canadian lodge practice
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"position " alone, I had concluded to relieve my patients of the annoy-
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The General Subject of Quarantine with reference to Cholera and Yellow Fever. By
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and resistance of the tissues which occurred in cysticerci exposed to va-
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and dyspnoea, and vomited some milk and ecro^ he had taken an hour
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acter of the symptoms. Respiration 72. Stimulants and injections continued.
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VOL. XCVIl. — THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 1877. — NO. 10.
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As it was evident that nothinor could be done to remove the condition
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cine. There is increase of peristaltic movement ; but here we must
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by far the niosl uriiciit, the establishniftut of an independent board of health.
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first four or five days there is no change in the skin, excepting a slight
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Among' the special papers, that of Dr. Piukham, of Lynn, is by far the
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erosions of the os and its untoward consequences. The subject has for a long
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pushed up into the pelvis after a few days' rest. Mademoiselle Titiens noticed
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iiiailc, Miul the oponlun; clcarcil of (;lots, a contlimous stream of blood
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There is attached to each ambulance a surgeon, who always accompanies it
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there was a fracture of the outer table of the skull, following a curved line,
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of the lower extremities supervened. The kidneys acted fully after the tap-
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ina of the fatal case, but there was evidently no fatty degeneration.
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in unmeasured terms, both from the platform and in private councili ; and
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I should have stated that in all other respects, except those indicated,
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Clinic, Toronto General Hospital ; Surgeon to St. Michael's Hospital.
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ment directed against the cause of the peritonitis will be independent of
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to lo8, and on October 1st, when Dr. Lyman took charge of the ward, he
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pneumothorax is not produced. This form, then, may terminate in various
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Veiel has never, in all the cases treated, seen any permanent action upon
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of the gastric juice, and as the muscle is most abundant near the pylorus
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these bad feelinofs she should consult me, and told her he thought she
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lying down in bed, and move about his room. Later, he was out driving.
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thing in the air of Paris which prevented its success, and the first ovari-
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cent. ; Vienna, 28.6 per cent. ; Hamburg, 39 per cent. ; Berlin, 34 per
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care of itself, — either to unite by adhesion through some fortunate appo-
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pylorus were much thickened by interstitial material, and were sur-
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22d, and on the 28th he was walking about on crutches.
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tioB^ for beings who^cse :esLeniptfroni>mortality»

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