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effort, in which the occipito-frontal muscle is often obviously made to

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taneous cellular tissue. The epidermis is not torn through, but tightly stretched

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writer arrives at the conclusion that the method is the cheapest, simplest,

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G., a native of Poland, thirty years ot age. She has been married for ten

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council, Drs. Williams and Fulton, will be in this division.

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the capillaries of the mucous tract is promoted.- This, with the deepened

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an aneurism of the abdominal aorta; three quarts of liquid and clotted blood

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iodide of potash was added. The pulse was never above 90, and usually about

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abortive means, rather inclining towards assisting than forcing nature's laws.

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* "The Pharmacy of the Thyroid Gland," Pha->-mciceutical Journal, Sept. 2nd, 1893.

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from the stump of the penis, and pulling it through a hole in the peri-

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the OS so small that it admitted only the finest probe. The uterus measured

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The present debility has been coming on very gradually ; he ascribes it

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nuclear palsy are met with in bulbar syphilis, in general paralysis of the

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child, and who, while under treatment for uterine disease, was found to be

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of neuritis. He gradually improved, and when discharged he was very

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start on the same basis, and this manifestly is not the case if the surgeon

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gestion to transplant some of the nerves coming off above the lesion into

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more deeply into the tissues than that of a blister or liniment. Its value in

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the capillaries of the mucous tract is promoted.- This, with the deepened

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of fissure or painful erosions was justified, and called for treatment which


labor pains for two days before the doctor was called. The inembranes

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ment, though usually preceded by hemiplegia, may occur as independent affections.

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the treatment of erysipelas by iciithyol, and mentions four cases so

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way I have been able to detect not only hysterical girls, but, in one

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comfortable day, but pain and nausea had again become urgent.

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wood. Tills was on the side ot tlu; tree, just where; a lar^e l>i'aii(:Ii was

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\ hieh ultimately contracts the boundaries in every direction. The cause

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In the acuter forms of the disease the author gives the first place to

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border of the lung and the upper border of effusion.

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have as remarkable and interesting a history as coca erythroxylon.

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by three doses of twenty drops of the fluid extract of ergot, given with two

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